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"Find the cause of the problem

Fix it

The body will do the rest."

​Dr. Scoma

"I feel very fortunate to have met and received such excellent care from your snowboarder1.jpgchiropractic and neuromuscular services.  Since visiting your office two months ago, I have finally progressed to a lifestyle that I can enjoy.  It feels incredible to wake up and feel energetic and able to pursue daily and extracurricular activities as I had in the past.  Recently, I began running, playing volleyball and softball competitively again.  Furthermore, I would like to thank you for my initial visit in which you took quality time to thoroughly evaluate my problem.  I truly appreciate your patience and caring nature.  I feel each of my visits have remained consistently thorough and focus on my individual needs.  I look forward to a full recovery with an aligned spine and healthy body to last many years. Thank you for all that you have done to help me. "
Alexis M, Airline Pilot

babygirl1.jpg "I wanted to write this letter to express my thanks to you for all you have done for myself, and my kids.  I appreciate the professional manner in which you treat each of us, and the excellent chiropractic care we are receiving.  We look forward to our improved level of health under your care.  On behalf of me and my family, we thank you very much." 
Janet H., Mother of two

golfer1.jpg "The chiropractic staff are professional, motivated, courteous and friendly.  They bring a warmth to the office that makes everyone feel welcome and very much at home.  Their competence, their interest and their confidence in chiropractic puts everyone at ease and comfortable with their decision to have a chiropractor as their health provider."  Randy W., Chauffer

"I had constant pain and numbness in my left arm and across my neck and shoulder for aboutimages18.jpg a year and a half.  Even after Motrin, Vioxin and 2 cervical epidural steroid injections, nothing gave me relief.  My friend Esther referred me to your office and now I am about 90% improved since starting my treatments.  He is friendly and willing to answer any questions I have." 
Phyllis D., Retired/Grandma

"I had severe back pain.  Raising my hands above my head was a big problem or getting up in bed or standing for a while all gave me a lot of pain.  I was given pain pills and later on went to see you for treatment.  I really felt welcome and the treatments are very comfortable and effective.  I do feel much much better than before.  The adjustment and massage are fantastic with a warm touch."  Margaret Q., Administrator

"I was having low back pain shooting down my legs, sharp neck pain and throbbing headaches all for 6 months.  I tried Ibuprofen,  muscle relaxers and went to the hospital 2 times and the pain got worse.  After seeing you, I have no pain, I can work longer without pain and my headaches are gone.  I give him a 10!"   Trenis W., Administrator

I can always count on Dr. Scoma to put me back together.

- Sarah Blackman / Model, Actress

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